Luteran grew up fascinated by the nature of materials, methods of building, and the contrast between big and small. As a young child she spent time in the woods of her New Hampshire home, hanging upside-down in a side yard tree, gazing at vast cumulus cloud streets, spellbound by tiny armies of ants building sand hills, endless hours observing the world around her. Opportunity to explore building small-scale pieces of art in a jewelry studio as a teenager has had a lifelong impact on Luteran.  She expanded her drawing and design skills, to large-scale architectural studies along with fine art, during her college years. The following decade was spent designing solutions to meet client’s architectural needs—thumbnail sketches to full-scale design and construction management. 

Following a hiatus from architecture to raise a family, she returned to work as a determined art educator in 2000. Is it logic or serendipity?  Children’s art brought her full circle, back to her own art making. Immersed in work with—in truth, play with—3-D metal forms and etchings, she fuses her architectural knowledge with abstract sculpture, a jeweler’s craft, a printmaker’s precision, and remains transfixed by the multi-media world of installation art.

Luteran holds an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MEd in Education from Rivier University, and BS in Fine Art from Skidmore College,  Her art has been exhibited in the Design and Media Center and Bakalar Paine Galleries at MassArt in Boston, MA, Sharon Art Center in Peterborough, NH, and Studio 550 in Manchester, NH.  Her work is in the HATCH Marketing corporate collection.